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for in-company use

Here this is above all a matter of content issues; a precise technical language realization is required to a limited extent only.

of documentations, offers, contracts, etc.

Translation under the aspect of correct technical terminology and the specific features of the respective subject.

of publications

This process covers everything from rough translation to ready-for-print stage.


All translations are carried out in keeping with the four-eyes principle and include correction and proofreading by a second translator.


Correction and proofreading work

Revision, correction and editorial work of your existing German documents as well as review / revision of existing translations.



Review and correction of your proofs taking into consideration of layout, proper spelling, correct hyphenation and completeness.


Terminology work

Preparation and continuation of your company-specific terminology.


Subject areas


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Customer requests

If you have any special questions, please feel free to contact us personally. It is important to us to that you receive the best possible service when it comes to languages. We will be happy to advise you!